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South Yarra – Most Desirable Neighbourhoods to Live

South Yarra Toorak Chapel Street - Koskosan Australia

There is a universally acknowledged notion out there among Melburnians that once you stay on one side of the Yarra; you hardly cross over to the other side of the river. As a matter of fact, the south side has an affluent air to it, consisting of suburbs leading to the bay, ocean breezes, bombshell blondes and lots and lots of places to flash your cash. Enter South Yarra, 6 kilometres from the CBD bordered by the banks of the Yarra River and it too, is no exception.

Popular, stylish and fun, encompassing iconic shopping districts with vast open emerald green parks, South Yarra has long held the mantle of one of Melbourne’s most desirable neighbourhoods. And the visitors who flock over to people watch from their perch at their favourite café or shop in chic designer boutiques certainly know it.

South Yarra SportsGirl

South Yarra is a sustainable suburb in itself supported by the quintessential Chapel Street with its upmarket retail outlets and boutiques and diverse collection of restaurants and cafes suited for all palettes. From early morning coffees to cool chill in the afternoon, the street is buzzing with atmosphere. When the sun sets, Chapel Street will make your head spin – with cool clubs, pubs and bars to crawl after another. The iconic Jam Factory, originally a (surprise!) jam factory is a local landmark and a premier hub for entertainment for locals and visitors with a wide variety of places to eat, trendy shops like TopShop and TopMan as well as Village Cinema for blockbuster movies.

Many of South Yarra’s residential areas are concentrated around attractive tree-lined streets adorned with well-kept Victorian terrace houses along with clusters of art-deco apartments and new developments coming up makes her a densely populated suburb. Part of her perks for making up for that is also sharing her skirts with the Botanical Gardens; a popular jogging track. Add in Fawkner Park into this equation and you have large open spaces and parklands frequented by residents and visitors alike.
South Yarra Hawksburn Village
South Yarra Hawksburn Village

It is little wonder how South Yarra evolved into one of Melbourne’s most desirable neighbourhoods to live, explore and play in. Find out which side you’re on in this culture war: are you North or South?

Move out to Melbourne -

So you’ve ready to move out to Melbourne?

Move out to Melbourne -

Basics of Apartment Hunting

So you’ve decided that Melbourne’s a pretty nifty place to be and have started looking around for a suitable place to rent. House hunting can be a rather stressful and tiresome time especially for students. So we’ve gathered a few tips and essentials to help you on your way.

1. Be prepared

With apartments and houses flying off like hot cakes, hunting for rental especially in Melbourne has turned into a competitive sport. It requires preparation and strategy. It pays to have all your documents photocopied and ready and your application form filled out. Just in case you walk into a place you just love, you’ll have a better chance if you submit your application to the agent on site. Go back home and email it to the agent on the same day if you could not do it right there and then. There is nothing wrong with applying for more than one place at any given time; it heightens your chances of acquiring a place quickly.

2. Timing is everything

The good thing about renting in or close to student concentrated areas is a high turnover. The best time to start your hunt will generally be between the months of November to February. During the summer months, students who have completed their degrees prepare to leave Melbourne –leaving many openings in a variety of dwellings like student accommodations, private dwellings to even share houses become available. The cycle continues and the summer frenzy begins again.

If you find yourself out of these golden months, try a search as close to the 1st of every month. Why? Most leases tend to end close to the end of the month and dwellings become available and are uploaded onto the Internet within the first week of the month.

3. Competition

Put on your dirty mitts and huddle up, it’s time to get serious. You won’t know what hit you when you trot off to your first viewing only to be greeted by 20 other people viewing the same place. This is your time to shine. Try and stand out of the crowd. Your initial planning has prepared you for this. If you like what you see, win over the agent – he/she is the point of contact to the landlord. At the end of the day, it is the landlord’s decision, but an agent is able to convey their impression of you to the landlord therefore raising your chances of scoring the apartment you want.

If it looks like the scales may tip out of your favour and you can afford it, some people engage in rental bidding and offer between AUD$10 – 20 dollar more a week. The landlord would feel inclined to choose the higher offer out of the masses that are only willing to pay the flat rate. Although this is not a guarantee as some landlords do not engage in rental bidding.

4. Roommates

Having a roommate helps immensely in many ways; you have company in your home and they help with the rent. If you have someone in mind, confirm your roommates ahead of time and lock down all their details. Decide whose name is going on the rental agreement and work out all the kinks before you even start thinking about applying. An untrustworthy roommate who can’t pay his rent on time puts the entire house at risk for eviction even for tenants who do pay on time. And if it is your name on the tenant agreement, you will be held responsible.