Student Departure Preparation Checklist

Student Pre-Departure Checklist

Student Departure Preparation Checklist

There are many things you need to prepare before arriving at your university in the foreign country. This is the most basic checklist you need to do before you start your study in foreign university.

  • Prepare all the necessary documents to bring with you, such as valid passport, admission letter from your university, confirmation of enrolment from the university, receipts of payments, letter of scholarship award (if applicable), original/certified copies of your academic transcripts, other personal identification documents like driver’s license or ID card, medical records or prescriptions and other necessary documents that you need to make the transition as a student run smoothly.
  • Apply for a student visa. Most of international students require a student visa to study at the university in Australia. This must be obtained before arriving in the country
  • Arrange accommodation. One of the most important things you need to do is how you will live during your studies in the country. There are several options available from living on campus, homestay, rent or sharing a house and many available options. Just make sure you have somewhere to live comfortably while you study at the university or college
  • Familiarized yourself with the custom of the country, so you can adjust quickly after your arrival.
  • Learn more about your university subjects so you can have better study performances.
  • Get to know the local transportation and surrounding areas of your university and accommodation.
  • Check out the weather of where you are going to live and prepare necessary items such as clothes to bring with you according to the seasons
  • Prepare your money and banking administration before you arrive at the country and learn more about the currency, tax and other financial terms in the country.

Those all the basic listing of how you need to prepare yourself before arriving in Australia. Of course, there are many other things you need to prepare besides the above listing, but the point is, you need to prepare all the necessary documents and familiarize yourself with the country before arriving and studying in the university or college in Australia. Expect the unexpected, but if you are prepared enough, the unexpected thing is just a little barrier you can tackle easily.

Accommodation Option Glen Ferrie Station Koskosan

What’s My Accommodation Option?

Accommodation Option Glen Ferrie Station Koskosan

There are several accommodation options available for students studying in Australia. You can arrange your own accommodation by your education provider or you can choose your own before coming to the country.  Most institutions have an accommodation office that can give you information and assist you in finding a living arrangement.

Campus Accommodation

Campus Accommodation is housing arrangement at your educational institution or near it. Mostly, Western Australian universities and many colleges provide on-campus accommodation for their students.

This can be private or shared room in a residence with communal cooking, laundry and recreational facilities; or a self-contained unit with either private or shared cooking and laundry facilities.  The costs for campus accommodation are varied, depend on the type of housing and level of service provided.


Homestay means living with a local family or house parents during your study. If you choose homestay, your school or college will usually arrange this before you arrive in Australia. You can have different homestay arrangement, whether it is a private or shared room. Some of your meals may be included and there could be other international students staying with the family.

Youth and Backpackers’ Hostels

If you would prefer to stay at youth or backpackers’ hostel while you study in Australia, especially Perth, you can explore your options on many websites available, one of them is YMCA. There are pro and cons of renting a backpackers hostel. You can compare the listing with many other accommodation options and choose the best one for you.

Renting or Sharing Accommodation

This is probably the most option students choose for their living arrangement. Renting a flat or a house, or sharing with other students can minimize the cost of studying in the country. You can find this place through the newspaper, on the internet, at suburban real estate agents’ office, or sometimes from   notice boards at your university or college. There are places with and without furniture available to rent. The cost of the rent depends on the area and how close it is to the city centre or the size of the bedrooms and whether it’s furnished.

Make sure you list the pros and cons and list all the necessary needs before you move in. If you need to pay a bond, you have to get an official receipt for making sure your money will be return to you when you move out. Please ensure the detail costs for electricity, water and gas, whether it is already on the bill or you have to pay it separately.

Just be careful and use your judgment or talk to friends or if necessary to your institution’s accommodation adviser before you choose your living arrangement.

Right Accommodation for Better Results

Better Room, Better Results

There is an old saying “home sweet home” that has significant meaning whether you stay at your own house, live with your parents, or you rent a house with other university students in one house. The most important thing in a house is to make you feel comfortable, that’s why a good accommodation is necessary, especially for students who study abroad their country in a foreign land.

During your study, you want to make your living as comfortable as possible. Nowadays, many student accommodations have all the basic needs like air conditioner, heating, laundry, kitchen, common area, internet access and much more. All of it is necessary to make your environment conducive enough for you to study.

With great accommodations, student can study in relax, convenient and comfortable atmosphere. Thus, it will improve the student performance in academic as well as daily life.  Finding great accommodations can take a lot of time. Student need to make sure that the place he or she will live in for years on will be adequate enough to have all the necessary needs.

Of course, the student can change living arrangement when the accommodation is no longer provides what he or she needs. But, moving out can be a hassle and waste of time. That’s why finding the one perfect place for your studies is the first step of ensuring your daily lives as well as your academic performance.

There are many steps to ensure the student have the greatest living accommodations. One of them is to actually go to the prospective house or room and inspect it yourself. If you don’t have a lot of time, friend’s recommendation from trusted rent website is also available. You can save a lot of time viewing the list and choose the one you want without having to go places to places until you find the right one.

At Koskosan, our site provides the best listing for students accommodation with quality room and necessary needs. One of example is  Asian Student Accommodation – run by Malcolm and Manorani Guy at Brunswick, Victoria. Convenient location is only the beginning of what Asian Student Accommodation can offer. The owner operated accommodation also offers personalized care for the students that lives in their place. The rooms and the living quarter really reflects the care and attention their put to student well-being.

So, make the right decision now by choosing the accommodation that will suit your lifestyle and study needs.