Student Pre-Departure Checklist

Student Departure Preparation Checklist

There are many things you need to prepare before arriving at your university in the foreign country. This is the most basic checklist you need to do before you start your study in foreign university.

  • Prepare all the necessary documents to bring with you, such as valid passport, admission letter from your university, confirmation of enrolment from the university, receipts of payments, letter of scholarship award (if applicable), original/certified copies of your academic transcripts, other personal identification documents like driver’s license or ID card, medical records or prescriptions and other necessary documents that you need to make the transition as a student run smoothly.
  • Apply for a student visa. Most of international students require a student visa to study at the university in Australia. This must be obtained before arriving in the country
  • Arrange accommodation. One of the most important things you need to do is how you will live during your studies in the country. There are several options available from living on campus, homestay, rent or sharing a house and many available options. Just make sure you have somewhere to live comfortably while you study at the university or college
  • Familiarized yourself with the custom of the country, so you can adjust quickly after your arrival.
  • Learn more about your university subjects so you can have better study performances.
  • Get to know the local transportation and surrounding areas of your university and accommodation.
  • Check out the weather of where you are going to live and prepare necessary items such as clothes to bring with you according to the seasons
  • Prepare your money and banking administration before you arrive at the country and learn more about the currency, tax and other financial terms in the country.

Those all the basic listing of how you need to prepare yourself before arriving in Australia. Of course, there are many other things you need to prepare besides the above listing, but the point is, you need to prepare all the necessary documents and familiarize yourself with the country before arriving and studying in the university or college in Australia. Expect the unexpected, but if you are prepared enough, the unexpected thing is just a little barrier you can tackle easily.